youth addict product packaging design

Client: Youth Addict

Project Type: Product packaging.

Project Description: A boutique brand, Youth Addict appeals to niche high-end markets that typically shy away from body building supplements and tend to stick more to vitamin style supplements. The goal of this product line was to present sports supplements in such a way that those users who avoided body building supplements but wanted to be fit and healthy wouldn’t associate the brand with the negative stigma of body building

The solution was to completely rethink the way that supplement packaging has been presented in the past. Foil stock with a bright foil stamp was chosen as the main graphical elements to present an eye catching style that projected a high-end feel of a vitamin style supplement. Liquid products were packaged using the same foil stock, while dropping the foil stamp and adding glass packaging.

Each label features a tested and functional bar code as well as compliance with the FDA’s regulations overseeing the sports supplement industry (CFR 21).