social media marketing

Express Print Website

Needing a full featured website with the ability to update information on their own and allow for future expansions ideas, Express Print Center of Champaign Illinois turned to Six Demon Studio for solution. The result was beyond the clients expectations.

Pinterest Social Media Campaign for Tattoo Artists

Pinterest has exploded with interest in tattoos recently. To explore this increase in interest in tattoos, a local tattoo artist asked Six Demon Studio to do a case study regarding Pinterest’s value in the social media marketing efforts of a tattoo artist. While this research is directly geared toward the tattoo artist the base research could be applied to any type of artist or craft style industry.

Social Media’s Roll as Corporate Spy

Social media has evolved into not only a way for a company to speak directly with their customers but as a way to keep tabs on the competition and the industry

Dealing with the Google Shopping Changes

Need help dealing with the pay to play changes to Google Shopping? Six Demon Studio reviews the alternatives and minor changes to your marketing strategy

Is Pinterest Right For Your Social Media Marketing

Pinterest’s rise in the social media arena has been truly impressive in the first two years of the site’s launch. Data gathering sites such as Experian Hitwise and comScore have both labeled Pinterest as one of the hottest social media sites on the web right now and with Pinterest posting 7.51 million unique visitors for December 2011, an increase of 58% over November 2011, it is easy to see why. This meteoric rise has left social media marketers asking the question if Pinterest is a good match for their marketing

Leveraging Social Media

Learn why your business needs to use social media correctly in its marketing efforts as we discuss some of the main concerns we hear from our clients on the subject.