Do You Want Fries With That? An Ecommerce Cross-Sell Primer

The first entry in the Six Demon Studio blog series on the art of cross-selling and how it relates to ecommerce. In this installment, we cover the basic strategy of cross-selling, why it is important and some of the pitfalls to avoid. Specifically discussing where it is a good idea idea to cross-sell and where it is not.

Using Impulse and Urgency Buying to Increase Cart Conversion

Ecommerce is an impulse buyer’s paradise, roughly fifty percent of users place their orders on the first visit to the website. Your sites mileage may vary but the overall data still holds that impulse or urgency buying increases shopping cart conversion. In this article, Six Demon Studio will look at specific ways use impulse and urgency based buying tactics in your ecommerce marketing.

Pinterest Social Media Campaign for Tattoo Artists

Pinterest has exploded with interest in tattoos recently. To explore this increase in interest in tattoos, a local tattoo artist asked Six Demon Studio to do a case study regarding Pinterest’s value in the social media marketing efforts of a tattoo artist. While this research is directly geared toward the tattoo artist the base research could be applied to any type of artist or craft style industry.

Green Media Postcard

Direct mail 12×6 postcard with a circulation of roughly 10,000. The idea for this project was to be an attention grabbing piece that was still elegant. The project goals where accomplished using bold colors and contemporary photography.

Social Media’s Roll as Corporate Spy

Social media has evolved into not only a way for a company to speak directly with their customers but as a way to keep tabs on the competition and the industry