graphic design

ISEE Website Design

Client: Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Environment Project URL: Project Type: Website Design & Implementation Project Description: ISEE is a collaborative effort between Six Demon Studio and the Winter Agency. ISEE needed a modern website design useful to both to the student community, donors and agencies looking for environmental project information. The needs of the target audiences were vastly different, the solution was to create a completely flexible CMS that would allow ISEE to develop different sections of the site for each target user. Instead of using the default

Prototype Ecommerce Design

When our long time client Prototype Nutrition came to use with the idea of moving their ecommerce solution away from a turn-key solution to one of our Magento platforms, the ideas and communication flowed freely between all parties involved to help take this project quickly gain traction. With an initial increase of 50% in terms of traffic and sales, we believe that the end result of this free flow if ideas paid off extremely well!

Serv-U Ecommerce Design

When Serv-U Restaurant Equipment & Supply decided it was time to transition to a new ecommerce platform that was better suited to their business model they called upon Six Demon Studio and Magento to make that goal a reality. Featuring roughly a catalog of twenty-five thousand products, this behemoth come alive. Learn more about Serv-U’s ecommerce project and the custom Magento modules Six Demon Studio had to implement into the project.

BDO Packaging

Bright and visually pleasing product packaging for It sounds like an easy goal but with strict requirements regarding bar code placement and CFR 21 compliance, SDS has it’s work cut out for it when launching into this project. Painstaking attention to detail was taken to make sure that this label met its project goals and met with the legal requirements governing product labeling in the healthy living supplement industry.

Prototype Nutrition Packaging

Clean and effective was the order of the day with this contemporary product packaging for Prototype Nutrition. With strict requirements regarding bar code placement and CFR 21 compliance great care was taken to make sure that this label was stylish in it’s design, commanding in it’s shelf presence and fully compliant with the laws governing product labeling in the sports supplement industry.

Epharm Nutrition Packaging

Sell the brand, not the product! When consumers find a product that works in one area of sports supplementation they are more likely to choose that same company when they need products for another area of sports supplementation. That was the idea behind the product packaging rebranding for E-Pharm Nutrition performed by the Six Demon Studio designers. A packaging system with a strong unity to each other and a solid shelf presence was the result of this brand overhaul.

Youth Addict Product Packaging

The goal direct and sounded very simple, design product packaging for a sports supplement brand that appealed to a niche market of consumers that typically shy away from sports supplements. The solutions to this simple sounding goal were a little harder to implement than they sounded, the question of “How does a brand sell a product to a consumer that has a negative image of the industry you’re associated with?” keep becoming a road block at every turn. The solution was to throw out everything Six Demon Studio has ever done for the sports supplement industry and start over from scratch.

Confidentially Yours Postcard

A partnership project with Express Print Service for Confidentially Yours. The project consisted of a nine by six double sided postcard that was to be used in a local bulk mailing campaign. Taking design inspiration from past Confidentially Yours, SDS created a clean postcard that matches the classy and elegant approach that Confidentially Yours takes to it’s products.

EnergX Business Card

A modern clean branding for EnergX Wind and Solar Solutions’ business card project. The goal of this business card was to show a potential customer that EnergX takes the customer experience just as seriously as they do home & business wind and solar solutions. A strong logo with lots of good graphical elements really made the ideas for this business card design flow.

Express Print Sales Flyer

When the client is a printer, the demand for a printed piece that pushes the limits of the press is the rule not the exception. Six Demon Studio rose to the challenge to produce a printed piece that showcased the clients abilities and acted as a sales piece for their bulk mailing services.