corporate branding

Prototype Nutrition Packaging

Clean and effective was the order of the day with this contemporary product packaging for Prototype Nutrition. With strict requirements regarding bar code placement and CFR 21 compliance great care was taken to make sure that this label was stylish in it’s design, commanding in it’s shelf presence and fully compliant with the laws governing product labeling in the sports supplement industry.

Epharm Nutrition Packaging

Sell the brand, not the product! When consumers find a product that works in one area of sports supplementation they are more likely to choose that same company when they need products for another area of sports supplementation. That was the idea behind the product packaging rebranding for E-Pharm Nutrition performed by the Six Demon Studio designers. A packaging system with a strong unity to each other and a solid shelf presence was the result of this brand overhaul.

EnergX Business Card

A modern clean branding for EnergX Wind and Solar Solutions’ business card project. The goal of this business card was to show a potential customer that EnergX takes the customer experience just as seriously as they do home & business wind and solar solutions. A strong logo with lots of good graphical elements really made the ideas for this business card design flow.

Epharm Nutrition Flyer

How do you explain a complex product on a five inch sales flyer while still maintaining the readers interest? The answer Six Demon Studio used was keep the flyer copy focused on what the product does while providing a QR code that directed the reader someplace where they could get into to complexity of how the product worked.

Bar Supply Deal Logo

It was quickly discovered that Bar Supply Deals didn’t just need a full blown ecommerce solution that could grow with their company but that they also needed a full blown brand identity. The resulting identity was a clean and professional piece that instantly identified it as belonging to the bar industry but still giving off the feel that this was an approachable company that was willing to help with whatever questions the customer might have.

Under Construction Logo

A modern logo for a progressive sports supplement company. That explains this logo design and brand identity project to the letter. Modern and contemporary this logo for Under Construction sports supplements is sure to leave a lasting impression on the consumer and provide a strong shelf presence.