BDO Packaging

Bright and visually pleasing product packaging for It sounds like an easy goal but with strict requirements regarding bar code placement and CFR 21 compliance, SDS has it’s work cut out for it when launching into this project. Painstaking attention to detail was taken to make sure that this label met its project goals and met with the legal requirements governing product labeling in the healthy living supplement industry.

Youth Addict Product Packaging

The goal direct and sounded very simple, design product packaging for a sports supplement brand that appealed to a niche market of consumers that typically shy away from sports supplements. The solutions to this simple sounding goal were a little harder to implement than they sounded, the question of “How does a brand sell a product to a consumer that has a negative image of the industry you’re associated with?” keep becoming a road block at every turn. The solution was to throw out everything Six Demon Studio has ever done for the sports supplement industry and start over from scratch.

We’re Your Product Packaging Design Studio

Looking for someone to design your product packaging? Our experience dealing with a multitude of different printers, several different packaging methods and the Federal Code of Regulations Title 21 (FCR 21) is what your company’s packaging design project needs to succeed.

Leveraging Social Media

Learn why your business needs to use social media correctly in its marketing efforts as we discuss some of the main concerns we hear from our clients on the subject.