Website Design
One of the main focuses here at Six Demon Studio is our web design efforts. These efforts range from standard web design to ecommerce solutions to social media efforts. If it has to do with online marketing, then Six Demon Studio has the knowledge to get the job done. In today’s marketplace every company needs a strong web presence that is part of their overall brand strategy instead of feeling like it was just tacked on at the end.

Ecommerce Solutions
Online sales are steadily increasing and have become almost expected by consumers looking to buy your product. The team at Six Demon Studio has experience designing and implementing all manner of ecommerce solutions from start to finish and ranging from the small company selling a hand full of products to massive ecommerce websites selling thousands of sku’s.

Graphic Design
Is your company in need of printed piece of advertising? The Six Demon Studio team of graphic designers is experienced in a wide range of graphic design needs and has created internationally circulated magazine ads, trade show materials, stand alone sales fliers, complete marketing campaigns and a range of other printed pieces.

Packaging Design
While packaging design can be considered a type of graphic design, it has special considerations and needs that set it off from the general print design category. Six Demon Studio has been involved in the packaging design aspect of the industry since 2002 and is well versed in the requirements of the Federal Code of Regulations governing food and consumables (CFR 21), ingredient panels, and other regulation concerns regarding packaging.

Packaging design takes more than just an understanding of CFR 21 however. Many consumers make up their mind on which product they will buy within the first few seconds of finding the section of the store that contains the products they are looking for. Choices in packaging material, design, and presentation can make the different between a consumer choosing your product or the competitions.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making a website friendlier to the various search engines for phrases important to your website.

Search engine companies are always changing and improving how their search engines decide what websites rank best for various search terms or phrases. The SEO team here at Six Demon Studio is constantly researching and refining our SEO ability so that we stay at the leading edge. This dedication to learning the changing market helps ensure that we give our clients the very best SEO advice that we can.

SEM – Search Engine Marketing
Search engine marketing is a paid campaign to purchase ad space for various search terms. Normally you can see these campaigns on the top and side of search engine results pages such as Google & Bing. These search engine campaigns will also show up on sites relevant to your chosen phrases that are part of the search engines affiliate network. If SEO is the “word of mouth” on the internet, then SEM is the “roadside billboard”.

These billboards must be focused to grab the users’ attention and entice them to click on your campaign and visit your site. Here at Six Demon Studio, we have in-depth experience with search engine marketing and can help you build a campaign that compliments the rest of your online marketing campaign.