Are you looking for someone to design your product packaging? Then Six Demon Studio is the design house for you. Our design staff has years of experience working with product packaging and is fully versed with the Federal Code of Regulations Title 21 which governs products falling into the food & drug category. We also have long standing relationships with both long and short run label printers. If you need 500 labels or 50,000, there is a good chance that Six Demon Studio has contacts with a printer that can fill your needs at a reasonable price.

In addition to being experienced in dealing with FCR Title 21, our design team is also experienced in dealing with various types of packing and labeling materials ranging from foil stock labels to die cut boxes. Each material comes with it’s own list of pro’s and con’s to consider during the initial phases of a packaging design project.

Package Design Using a BoxBoxes for example provide a more secure packaging method for products and help prevent the bottle contained within from being damaged during shipping. They also have an increased shelf presences and much more real estate to work with in terms of design elements and product information. A box gives you much more space to help get across your message or in some cases – such as E-Pharm’s Pump Spray – the opportunity to use one panel of the box as a marketing bill board. The drawbacks to boxes mainly come in terms of cost. These increased costs come from the increased design time required to design not only the box but the label that will still need to go on the actual bottle but also the increased cost from printing both a box & label for the project plus the increased man-hours needed to package the product.

Foil stock labels can also have a great shelf presence due to their eye catching shines and research has shown that typically a customer will end up buying the product that they actually pick up, plus they have already subconsciously made up their mind which product they will buy within the first thirty seconds of looking at a range of products on a shelf. This makes it extremely important to be the product on the shelf that will be the one that catches the eye of the consumer and a foil stock label can help accomplish that.

Package Design Using Foil StockHowever, foil stock labels have their own set of drawbacks. Foil materials are quite a bit more expensive than the standard paper or polypropylene stocks. There are also issues that can crop up with designs and colors not looking like expected. The more complex the design the more likely that physical design proofs will need to be done to ensure that the end product looks how the client actually envisions. It can be an extremely expensive and heartbreaking for a client to see receive their label project that they had not received a physical proof for and only signed off on the digital proof, that has become standard for most printers, to find that the finished product does not look like they had expected it too.

These are just two of the examples of the type of knowledge and experience that Six Demon Studio has built up over the years and is ready to leverage for your company’s packaging design project. Contact Roger today at rwalker {at} to learn more about how we can help take your product packaging to it’s fullest potential.

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