The premise of Pinterest was to be a place where people could share what interested them in the same manner that people would pin pictures, articles and recipes back in the fifty’s and sixty’s. This simple idea has exploded into a social marketing power house growing at a almost unbelievable rate. However, the topic of this article is not discuss the demographics of Pinterest and how they are evolving, if you are interested in that topic you can read more about it in our related article – “Is Pinterest Right for Your Social Media Marketing”. What we are going to discuss today is how the art related industries, specifically tattoo artists, can use Pinterest as part of their social media plan.

What is relevant to this article regarding Pinterest’s demographics is that in addition to an increased male usage, Pinterest has also exploded with interest in tattoos. This interest has grown so much that Pinterest has added an entire category dedicated to it. To explore this increase in interest in tattoos, a local tattoo artist asked Six Demon Studio to do a case study regarding Pinterest’s value in the social media marketing efforts of a tattoo artist. While this research is directly geared toward the tattoo artist the base research could be applied to any type of artist or craft style industry.

Good social marketing efforts require a mix of the different social media platforms to work correctly and one of the advantages that Pinterest offers is the high level of targeting it brings to the game. For the tattoo shop in this case study, that means a large number of women & growing number men who are interested in tattoos. This cuts back the effort needed to get potential customers engaged as they are already expressing an interest in tattoos. Immediately, the marketing process can skip the first step where the goal is to get people interested in a product or service and move directly into getting them interested in the company’s service specifically. Think of it this way, instead of saying to a potential customer “you need to consider a tattoo” thus convincing them that they need or even want a tattoo, the process skips ahead to “you need a tattoo from me”.

Expanded interest in tattoos via Pinterest has left a great opportunity for the various tattoo artists and studios to leverage this interest to increase their business and exposure. Looking at many of the big names in the tattoo industry today, it is obvious that they are very talented artists, but what’s moved these artists into the main stream is their ability to self promote. Self-promotion is the key to getting people to recognize a person or business is an authority in the field.

Now that we’ve discussed why Pinterest is a viable option, lets look at the method of using Pinterest as a means for self-promotion. There are several different tactics that can be used, but we here at Six Demon Studio are recommending that tattoo studios and artists build a website gallery that features pictures of their completed artwork. As new tattoos are added to the gallery they are pinned to Pinterest under an appropriate board, with the pin’s link going back to the page in the gallery the artwork came from. Board layout can be handled by style, position or content; the layout isn’t as important as making sure that the boards are in the tattoo category, have a well written description and that the pin’s themselves are descriptive.

Results of this case study once implemented included an increase in web traffic, up swing in email & phone inquiries from clients out of area willing to travel, and increased local recognition. In conclusion, the cost of this campaign is centered on having a website capable of handling a gallery style portfolio of work and a minor time investment in managing Pinterest. Return on Investment potential is considered high.

If you are interested in learning more about how Six Demon Studio can help with your company’s online marketing or to discuss this article in further detail, please feel free to contact us.

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