Social media, by now we’ve all heard of it. However there are still some businesses that don’t believe that being involved in any social media outlet would be a benefit to their business, or they do understand that it’s a benefit but have a poor social media presence. The phrases “our customers, clients and/or target market aren’t on social media”, “there’s no money to be made”, and “there are just so many, I don’t know where to start” still comes up in conversations when the Six Demon Studio opens discussions with clients regarding their involvement in social media.

Let’s address the first phrase, “my customers aren’t on social media”. Here are some interesting numbers from the Nielsen 2011 third quarter study that shows that every age group and demographic is using social media;
• Four out of every five people using the internet are also using some type of social media
• The 55+ age demographic’s use of social media is driving current social media growth
• Seventy percent of active social media users are likely to make online purchases
• Fifty three percent of social media users follow a brand

What this tells us is that there is a very good chance that a business’ customers are using social media, they do follow brands that interest them and they are likely to make online purchases. So by being active in social media you get direct access to those customers and can influence their purchasing decisions.

So now that we’ve determined a business’ potential customers are on social media let’s take a look at the phrase “there’s no money to be made” in social media. This phrase is based on the idea that there everything has to have a direct ROI (return on investment). Normally this phrase comes from business that may have tired to enter the social media arena but instead of trying to provide direct interaction with their customers and build their brand they bombarded Facebook & Twitter with a range of ads, specials and other sales pitches. Social media typically resists this style of sales tactics and drives people away from the message that a company is trying to get across. Yes, posting your latest sale or special on your social media outlets of choice is a good idea. However, there has to be a level of interaction there that goes beyond just a sales pitch. If you build a following for your brand via social media when a customer is ready to make a purchase your in a much better position to place your product a the front of their mind as the product to have.

Which social media outlets do you choose for your business? It really depends on who you are trying to reach with your message as different social media outlets attract different demographics. For example, if your business is a restaurant you’re going to want to focus on sites that folks will look to when they are trying to decide where they want to eat such as Yelp, OpenTable and UrbanSpoon in addition to the social media standards such as Facebook and Twitter.

Each business is different in which social media outlets will work best for them and how to leverage those sites to best serve their brand. If you are interested in learning more contact Six Demon Studio and we can discuss ways to help improve your brand’s online presence.

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In addition to being a cigar enthusiast, Roger is an accomplished graphic designer & marketer with extensive experience dealing with ecommerce and online marketing.