Web design project by Six Demon Studio for ISEE

Client: Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Environment

Project URL: sustainability.illinois.edu

Project Type: Website Design & Implementation

Project Description: ISEE is a collaborative effort between Six Demon Studio and the Winter Agency. ISEE needed a modern website design useful to both to the student community, donors and agencies looking for environmental project information.

The needs of the target audiences were vastly different, the solution was to create a completely flexible CMS that would allow ISEE to develop different sections of the site for each target user. Instead of using the default menu system, SDS opt’d to use a flexible menu system that ISEE could visually manipulate in real time.

Additionally, a feature rich calendar system was put in place for the communication of various student and lecture events. The calendar supports remote location mapping, repeatable events, as well as a host of other features designed to make it easy to use from an administration standpoint as well as having enough features to make it useful to the user.

The Winter Agency had a very specific vision for the site’s main navigation system. To achieve this vision, SDS had to build a custom implementation that met the needs of the sites design requirements and also keep the CMS interface easily expandable and manageable by the client

ISEE custom menu system design & implementation

The key project features are:
• Translating the Winter Agency design into deliverable artwork for our programmers
• Custom main menu interface and implementation
• Functionality rich event calendar
• Responsive design
• SEO friendly implementation

In conclusion, the ISEE project represents the end result of our second collaboration with the Winter Agency. The great working relationship and communication allowed this project to bloom into fantastic design that exceeded the client’s expectations.