Pinterest’s rise in the social media arena has been truly impressive in the first two years of the site’s launch. Data gathering sites such as Experian Hitwise and comScore have both labeled Pinterest as one of the hottest social media sites on the web right now and with Pinterest posting 7.51 million unique visitors for December 2011, an increase of 58% over November 2011, it is easy to see why.

This meteoric rise has left social media marketers asking the question if Pinterest is a good match for their marketing efforts. While we’ll explore the subject deeper in another article, a general rule of social media marketing is to limit your efforts to a smaller number of social media sites – three is the generally accepted number – to provide a quality presence. Customers want to feel as if they are really interacting with a brand via social media. Scattering your efforts across too many sites increases the difficultly in accomplishing the level of interaction that customers are looking for. The demographic data available on Pinterest is a great place to start exploring if Pinterest should make the cut and become part of your social media efforts.

Pinterest User Demographics

Using 2011 yearly traffic data from comScore we begin to see a very clear picture of who is currently using Pinterest. The gender breakdown indicates that women make up the bulk of the site’s traffic coming at 68.2% of users being women. Breaking the female demographic further we find that women age 25-34 account for 27.4% of traffic, women age 35-44 coming in second at 22.1%, and 18-24 coming in a close third at 17.3%. Household demographics indicate that 28.1% of users have an annual household income of $100,000+ and 50% of users have children. Given this data, we begin to get a picture that companies that have a target audience of women or families with children would be well served by adding Pinterest to their social media efforts.

However, before leaping into Pinterest, we also need to determine if the traffic available on Pinterest is actually converting over to actual site traffic. With the ultimate goal of social media being to drive traffic back to the brand, it does no good to have a presence on a social media site if it doesn’t convert to traffic or brand awareness. Looking back at the comScore data we find that Pinterest has a 3.6% referral traffic percentage. To put that number into perspective, currently YouTube refers at 1.05% and Google+ at .22%.

In conclusion, if your company has a target market of women or families with children, then Pinterest is a great match for your social media efforts. However, it is advisable that caution be taken when building your Pinterest efforts as there are looming legal hurdles that Pinterest will face as it grows in regards to copy written imagery. If you want to learn more about Pinterest and how your company can leverage this rising star of social media in your marketing efforts, please contact Six Demon Studio and we’ll be happy to discuss it further with you.

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