So you’ve decided that your company or organization needs an ecommerce site, but you’ve got no idea where you need to start. You’re in luck; the folks here at Six Demon Studio have a handy list of items that need to be considered.

One of the first items that needs to be considered after deciding that your company needs an ecommerce solution is choosing which type of ecommerce solution works best for your needs. We can hear you speaking to yourself now, “What? There is more than one type of ecommerce solution? I thought it was all the same!”. Well the short answer is that yes, all of the solutions will sort of get you to the same place but there are a couple different ways to go about it and they are not all created equal or right for all situations. These methods of creating an ecommerce site can be broken down into two basic groups, the turnkey style ecommerce solution and the custom ecommerce solution.

The turnkey solution is the easiest to get up and running and normally can be done in just a few hours of work. For the most part, your choices for design are limited to uploading your company logo and choosing a basic color scheme. They rarely fit in with the rest of your company’s brand image, but they are good for companies that may only have the need to sell items on a short term basis. From a cost perspective, the turnkey style ecommerce solution will require either a monthly fee and/or a percentage of sales.

The second type of ecommerce solution, and the type Six Demon Studio deals with, is the custom ecommerce solution. This type of solution is completely customizable in both terms of styling and functionality; it becomes a part of the brand and your overall business. While the custom ecommerce solution offers a better integration with your company and in our opinion a more professional appearance, there are additional items that need to be decided.

▪ With a custom solution there is a greater upfront cost and a longer development time. These factors vary depending on the functionality needed from the ecommerce platform. A standard ecommerce installation with a custom design will typically take 60 to 90 days to launch. The rule basically is the more complex the site needs to be, the longer the implantation will take.
▪ Payment methods that the site will use need to be considered at the start of the project as well. Does your site plan on taking credit cards directly or will you use a third party such as PayPal or Google Cart. Taking credit cards directly will require an online merchant account as well as the site purchasing a Security Certificate. PayPal and Google Cart do not require a security certificate.
▪ Adequate hosting space for your ecommerce site is also a consideration. The basic hosting package offered by most providers will not be capable of handling your ecommerce solutions needs.

While these additional considerations may seem like an overwhelming and daunting task, they really aren’t as that is what Six Demon Studio is here to help you deal with. We will partner with you on the development process and help make sure that your ecommerce solution is a fantastic match for your business and brand.

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