Direct Mail Postcard - Confidentially Yours

Client: Express Print – Confidentially Yours

Project Type: Direct Mail Postcard

Project Description: Direct mail 9×6 postcard with a circulation of just under 2,000 pieces. The project needed to be classy and reflect the quality of the product being featured.

This project started off on the right foot with Confidentially Yours providing excellent copy that required little editing but also a range of high quality images to use for the piece. We selected the best images out of the bunch and decided that going with a classic black base color along with the light blue from the Confidentially Yours logo would give the piece that classy feel the client wanted.

The non postage side of the postcard was kept light on text to take a billboard style approach. A large attention grabbing image with excellent lead in text encourages the customer to pick up the post card and read the postage side for further details.

SDS has partnered with Express Print on several projects over the years. This relationship allows for a project experience that is easy for the client to manage from design concept all the way to printing and the actual mailing of the project. A source code was included for each carrier route that was used for the campaign, allowing Confidentially Yours to track which routes provided the best ROI.