Should your company hire an in-house developer, a freelance developer or hire a dedicated development studio to build and maintain your ecommerce site? Today’s ecommerce marketplace is an extremely competitive environment and the decision to hire a freelance developer or dedicated development studio each have there own advantages and disadvantages that must be considered when deciding what is best for your company’s long-term goals. The choice one what type of developer must also factor in that successful ecommerce sites need great user interface, rich functionality and be designed to leverage search engine traffic with proper SEO.

Freelance developers typically are the more economical solution when looking to launch an ecommerce solution. However, the trade off for the cost savings is that one person may not have the expertise in all of the areas needed to build a successful solution. Instead of hiring one freelance developer to design an ecommerce solution, several are needed to ensure that there is a designer, a programmer, and the other developers needed. Having to hire several different freelance developers can quickly eat into any cost savings that there may have been plus adds the task of having to coordinating the project.

Another solution would be to hire the needed developers into the company in either a full or part-time positions. The advantage of this is absolute control of what the developers are working on at any given time. The drawbacks are the added expense of having to hire the staffing necessary, coordinate all aspects of the project and supply the working environment for the newly hired developers. This solution can be the best choice for ecommerce sites doing a fairly large business that needs constant maintenance.

While not necessarily a drawback in the strictest since, in-house development staff has a tendency to get side tracked with other tasks within a company. This could include anything from becoming the company’s IT staff if there isn’t one already on staff or any number of distractions that eat into the time the developers are being paid to work on the ecommerce site.

The last option is to hire an ecommerce design studio. This solution rolls up the cost for hiring the several different types of developers needed into one fee. While developers may be working on several different projects as the same time, the client is not paying for time that the developers are working on another project. Coordination of the project is left to the studio, leaving the client to focus on running business instead of worrying about the development of their ecommerce solution.

Clients that are coordinating their own projects almost always have limited experience in designing and developing an ecommerce solution while a design studio’s entire business is building, maintaining and designing Magento ecommerce solutions.

No matter which direction you decide to go with your Magento ecommerce solution development, it is important to get to know the developers or studio to determine that they understand what your goals are, discuss the time-line for the project and get a feel for how the client developer relationship is going to work.

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