Print Design

Confidentially Yours Postcard

A partnership project with Express Print Service for Confidentially Yours. The project consisted of a nine by six double sided postcard that was to be used in a local bulk mailing campaign. Taking design inspiration from past Confidentially Yours, SDS created a clean postcard that matches the classy and elegant approach that Confidentially Yours takes to it’s products.

EnergX Business Card

A modern clean branding for EnergX Wind and Solar Solutions’ business card project. The goal of this business card was to show a potential customer that EnergX takes the customer experience just as seriously as they do home & business wind and solar solutions. A strong logo with lots of good graphical elements really made the ideas for this business card design flow.

Green Media Postcard

Direct mail 12×6 postcard with a circulation of roughly 10,000. The idea for this project was to be an attention grabbing piece that was still elegant. The project goals where accomplished using bold colors and contemporary photography.

Express Print Sales Flyer

When the client is a printer, the demand for a printed piece that pushes the limits of the press is the rule not the exception. Six Demon Studio rose to the challenge to produce a printed piece that showcased the clients abilities and acted as a sales piece for their bulk mailing services.

Epharm Nutrition Flyer

How do you explain a complex product on a five inch sales flyer while still maintaining the readers interest? The answer Six Demon Studio used was keep the flyer copy focused on what the product does while providing a QR code that directed the reader someplace where they could get into to complexity of how the product worked.