ISEE Website Design

Client: Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Environment Project URL: Project Type: Website Design & Implementation Project Description: ISEE is a collaborative effort between Six Demon Studio and the Winter Agency. ISEE needed a modern website design useful to both to the student community, donors and agencies looking for environmental project information. The needs of the target audiences were vastly different, the solution was to create a completely flexible CMS that would allow ISEE to develop different sections of the site for each target user. Instead of using the default

Flash Website Design

The first collaboration between Six Demon Studio and Winter Agency, this project for FLASH by Charter Sills took the clients idea of a lead generating information website and made that a reality. The result was a visually pleasing light weight front-end design with a heavy amount of back end SEO and best programming practices wrapped over a CMS.

Rehyphen Ecommerce Design

Sometimes the message that a brand is trying to project is more important than the products they are trying to promote. However, the business of ecommerce is to sell things. So how do you reconcile the two half to come up with a solution that meets all of the clients brand needs while still being able to function as an ecommerce site? The Re- project put Six Demon Studio in the position to work on this exciting project and discover a solution that met all of the clients needs.

Join the Six Demon Studio Team!

Are you a Magento Developer that’s looking for an opportunity to work on a per project basis remotely? Then Six Demon Studio may be the perfect fit for you.

How to Choose a Magento Ecommerce Developer

Should your company hire an in-house developer, a freelance developer or hire a dedicated development studio to build and maintain your ecommerce site? Each choice has advantages and draw backs. Today, the staff here at Six Demon Studio takes a look at the different options and discusses some of those advantages and disadvantages.

Do You Want Fries With That? An Ecommerce Cross-Sell Primer

The first entry in the Six Demon Studio blog series on the art of cross-selling and how it relates to ecommerce. In this installment, we cover the basic strategy of cross-selling, why it is important and some of the pitfalls to avoid. Specifically discussing where it is a good idea idea to cross-sell and where it is not.

Using Impulse and Urgency Buying to Increase Cart Conversion

Ecommerce is an impulse buyer’s paradise, roughly fifty percent of users place their orders on the first visit to the website. Your sites mileage may vary but the overall data still holds that impulse or urgency buying increases shopping cart conversion. In this article, Six Demon Studio will look at specific ways use impulse and urgency based buying tactics in your ecommerce marketing.

Microdata, the Ecommerce Secret Weapon

What is Microdata? Introduced with HTML 5, Microdata has remained a secret that can give huge advantages in SEO to those ecommerce sites using it. Discover more about Microdata and what it can do for your ecommerce site in this Six Demon Studio blog. Your competitor is looking into the advantages of Microdata, beat them to the punch and reap the rewards.

We’re Your Product Packaging Design Studio

Looking for someone to design your product packaging? Our experience dealing with a multitude of different printers, several different packaging methods and the Federal Code of Regulations Title 21 (FCR 21) is what your company’s packaging design project needs to succeed.

Confidentially Yours Postcard

A partnership project with Express Print Service for Confidentially Yours. The project consisted of a nine by six double sided postcard that was to be used in a local bulk mailing campaign. Taking design inspiration from past Confidentially Yours, SDS created a clean postcard that matches the classy and elegant approach that Confidentially Yours takes to it’s products.