product packaging design


Project Type: Product packaging.

Project Description: Six Demon Studio was approached by a contract manufacture that needed to design a label for their client, BDO was interested in launching a line of healthy living supplments to complement their large online presence of healthy living articles and information. The goal of this project was to create a packaging system that was bright and cheerful that would appeal to both men and women looking to engage in a healthy lifestyle.

The SDS answer to the project goal was to create a contemporary packaging system that focuses on a strong shelf presence by using bright colors and strong typography. The color choice was determined by the client as they already have a strong color branding using bright greens. These greens were tweaked from their web materials into shades of green that would hold the same feel as the online presence but also work well on printed materials with a UV coating. The result was a packaging system that both the contract manufacture and BDO were extremely pleased with.

Each label features a tested and functional bar code as well as compliance with the FDA’s regulations overseeing the sports supplement industry (CFR 21).